Sheepers – a treat for your feet

It seems that Christmas is peak time for slippers and moccasins are also big sellers at this time of year. Obviously the cold period is a great time for feeling a soft piece of wool under your toes.
We have come across a great product called Sheepers which is the brainchid of Nicola Skowronek and is a pun on crossing slippers with sheep who of course produce the wool.
This is a classic slipper which uses a 100% wool lining and a sheepskin cuff made from merino wool. Soles are suede and leather, and the upper vamp often has embroidery.
All are hand made and there are a veriety of ranges with the hero one being called Zodiac which with a recycled tread outsole can be worn outside. These also feature a 5mm memory foam insole, and of course there are zodiac designs to choose from. With a deep navy colour these are striking to look at.

These are not cheap with prices starting at £40.00 and the zodiacs at £65, but this is a quality product and there are a wide range including mules, a handpainted range and a gorgeous aviator jacket and a great baby carrier. There are options for men as well and, of course, children. The Rainbow sheepers look great but also were designed for the LGBTQ+ community.

For Christmas there are gift boxes and gift cards, but there is a special fun mention we must give to the Slipkit (£30.00) which is a DIY slipper kit which comes with a needle, soles, uppers with pre cut holes and embroidery as well as a leather band cuff and most importantly thread. In the box along with instructions you will be able to make something unique. Sizes start from a UK 2 up to a UK 9.

You have four sheepskin colours to choose from which will accompany the yarn such as poppy (pink), sherbert (green), Cybil (blue) and Maddy (Dark Blue).