Shrove Tuesday the Bird & Blend Tea way…Pancake Day blends, all the taste minus the sugar

We just love this exciting range of loose leaf teas from Bird & Blend and these are some great sounding names that go along existing titles such as builders breakfast brew and chocolate digestives tea, not to mention Strawberry Lemonade and also whisktea to name but a few. These are limited editions so get in fast. And when you have used up your limitied edition try out some of the other 100 titles in the range!

For Pancake Day

  • Strawberry & Nutella Pancakes Tea, from £6.70,
  • – Flippin delicious and the best pancake flavoured tea in the world.  Available in loose tea and tea bags
  • Blueberry Pancakes Tea, from £6.70, – A fruity Rooibos blend that’s tastes just like maple syrup and oozing blueberries tumbling down warm & crispy pancakes
  • Hot Cross Bun Tea, from £3.50,
  • – At Easter time there are few things better than the aroma of currants, cinnamon and freshly baked buns wafting across the kitchen, so here you have it – Hot Cross Bun tea!
  • Lemugar Pancakes, from £6.35,
  • – There’s nothing quite like the classic lemon & sugar pancake! This naturally caffeine-free blend combines these flavours perfectly to give us the perfect sweet pancake brew!