Where to see cherry blossom in London?

In the Japanese seaside resort of Atami, a little south of Tokyo, the cherry blossoms are already turning the landscape a delicate shade of pink. Before too long, it will be London’s turn to burst into bloom, with the mild winter expected to result in an early spring for the capital’s cherry trees. For those eagerly awaiting the arrival of the stunning abundance of petals that London’s cherry trees deliver, it’s time to head to Wembley Park – the capital’s most exciting new neighbourhood.
Cherry blossom in Wembley Park
Cherry blossom in Market Square, Wembley Park
Londoners on the hunt for urban cherry trees will be delighted by Wembley Park. The place to be is Market Square, which connects the bustling Olympic Way to Wembley Park Boulevard. There, urban landscaping and creative design have joined forces to deliver an abundance of beautiful white cherry blossom, set against the backdrop of the world-famous Wembley Stadium arch.
Cherry blossom in Market Square, Wembley Park featuring artwork by Mr Doodle
In 2022, the first cherry blossoms along Olympic Way appeared toward the end of March, but Wembley Park Estate Landscape Manager David Hughes believes the 19 trees in Market Square could bloom earlier this year:“Climate change is doing all sorts of unusual things, with many UK plants now flowering a month earlier. With the extremely mild winter we’ve had (overall), I would not be surprised if the cherry trees started to bloom by mid-March.”
Market Square isn’t the only location in Wembley Park where the spring blossom is eagerly awaited. Repton Gardens – the latest residential development from the award-winning Quintain Living management company, which oversees the rental of more than 3,650 apartments in Wembley Park – features mature trees in its central podium garden. The aspen, birch and cherry trees are encouraging insects and birds to the development, which is focused on botanical living both inside and out (the three buildings are actually named after the trees – Aspen, Birch and Cherry House).
Haute Dolci, Wembley Park
For those who can’t wait until March, there is another option for enjoying the refreshing sight of cherry blossom locally in Wembley Park – Haute Dolci. The restaurant is famed for its delicious and innovative desserts, which diners can enjoy while sitting beneath the branches of a huge and very Insta-friendly indoor cherry tree.For more information visit www.wembleypark.com , on Facebook or follow on Instagram.