The Big Book of 100 Stem Activities

By Laura Minter & Tia Williams
Button Books £14.99
ISBN: 9781787081253

With the xtended Christmas holidays fast approaching this is a boredom busting gift that will utilise a lot of equipment already found around the house to use crafts, play and simple experiments to create fun in an educational way. With supervision and the odd helping hand from adults there are as the book says 100 activities.
It’s full colour and has plenty of step by step illustrations and photographs to help you plan the exercise.
Laura & Tia are two creative mums based in Brighton who set up a baking and crafting blog which has exploded in popularity and they have written several craft books since.
This latest offering has such classics as ‘Reflection pop art’ which uses see through paper taped over a mirror as a base, or how about using a glass of water to create some optical illusions?
There are food based options such as chocolate crispy cakes and Marshmallow engineering and how about using potatoes as an energy source?

Our own favourite was the floating, spinning rainbow but on each page is something different (Bear Bread anyone?) and generally quite simple to get stuck into. There are nine sections based on the four different areas of STEM learning.e