5 lockdown garden trends that are here to stay beyond ‘Freedom Day’

 The world may well be opening up again but our affection for our back gardens is going to stick around. From backyard cinemas, to garden hideaways and the ‘shoffice’, here are the top trends that are here to stay. 
Backyard cinemas
 Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing quite like going to see the latest release at the movies, but with streaming services enabling you to download films almost as soon as they hit the cinema, an impromptu movie night in the garden is a great cheap ‘night out’. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of comfy seating, popcorn and blankets or a firepit to keep you warm. The BillyOh Capri Rattan Garden Corner Sofa Set with Firepit Table, £2,249, kills two birds with one stone. 
Garden bars

While pubs and bars have been sorely missed, those of us who have converted a shed and built our own in our back garden have been laughing. It’s not only cheaper but if you can’t be bothered to get dolled up for night on the tiles, you make the rules in a garden bar so the dress code is completely up to you! BillyOh has a range of buildings you can convert and you can add a 28mm interlocking bar to any cabin over 3m x 3m. 
Kids playhouses

 With so much time spent indoors, playhouses were a big hit in 2020, providing a welcome distraction from home schooling. With the summer holidays upon us, the investment won’t have gone to waste and, even in the colder months, kids will enjoy having a cosy hideaway to play in away from adults. The BillyOh Bunny Max Tower,  £595, is great for gardens large and small and comes with an optional slide so there’s no need to venture out to the park.  
Pizza ovens and fire pits

 Whether it’s integrated into a full-blown kitchen garden or a more simple table-top number, the pizza oven is here to stay, as is the firepit. The BillyOh Outdoor Pizza Oven, Chimney Smoker & Charcoal Barbecue, £239 is ideal for cooking a wide range of meals as it can be used as a smoker, BBQ grill, or a pizza oven.  
The ‘shoffice’

 While we’re being told to head back to the office, hybrid working looks like it’s here for good so you’ll be thankful that you decided to turn your shed into an office. Haven’t gotten around to it yet? BillyOh has a range of sheds and cabins ready for the ‘shoffice’ treatment.  
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