Mache Magic

I can remember the power of papier Mache at school as you could mould and then paint anything. Those projects can now be relived through Tomy’s Mache Magic which instead of using newspaper uses Loo Roll – yes once the most sought after product during the early days of panic buying can now be used to a more creative role than what it is manufactured for.

The process is simple enough – you have a choice of moulds and once you have chosen one you simply put the required amount of loo roll in which is best ripped up into small pieces and add water via the measuring spoon. This process is rpeated until the mould is filled. The mould is then put into a press and you twist it down until it clicks a couple of times and then wait for the item to dry.
Phase two is decoration time and there is a small selection of glitter glue pens and stickers, and of course you use whatever you have at hand at home to augment those.

Another game from Tomy that doesn’t require batteries and with an RRP of £14.99 its an art and craft project that will inspire your daughter.

We would have preferred more moulds but this is solid for the price.