Screwball Scramble Level 2

RRP £22.99

You don’t need to have played level 1 to enjoy the promises contained with level 2. This is a tabletop game that has you steering your little marble through a variety of obstacles to reach the target. There are ten obstacles and there are a series of toggles etc at the base of the board for you to twist and turn to project your ball through them all. Some will raise and lower a series of levels as if you are walking the ball whilst another will start a ferris wheel. There’s a fiendish hop skip and jump section which then lets you use a reverse use of the corkscrew to get it to our favourite – the pinball area. This will if lucky get the marble up to the dish and hopefully a drop through onto a tipping deck.

It’s a test of dexterity and trial and error and beware of traps along the way.

It’s quick to assemble and you can time yourself or go up against a family member. If you are an owner of the first game you are able to link them up – but we have not seen this. It’s for ages 5 and up. The construction is solid and it’s a welcome alternative to screen based games

available through Smyths, Argos, tesco, Hamleys, Costco any many others